Industry partnerships and new offerings.


nytimes.jpgADOTAS — Yahoo, Dog Time, VC Consulting, Burst Media and Anchor Intelligence released company news.

Burst Media, an online media and technology company, has announced a partnership with Anchor Intelligence, a click fraud and traffic quality company. The partnership enhances Burst’s existing inventory auditing systems with additional visibility into site traffic quality, and gives advertisers an enhanced level of protection from click fraud. Through Burst’s partnership with Anchor Intelligence, web sites and ad networks utilizing adConductor, Burst’s ad management and optimization platform, will also have enhanced insight into their own and affiliates’ traffic quality.

VSC Consulting, a public relations firm, specializing in digital media and marketing, announced the launch of a new service division focusing exclusively on iPhone, Blackberry, Android and other mobile application developers in need of mass market awareness at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.

Yahoo has unveiled an opt-out feature for behavioral targeting on mobile devices.

DogTime announced the launch of Pet Insurance Center . A variety of sponsorship opportunities are available across the Pet Insurance Center, including banner advertising, sections sponsorships, custom content integration and lead generation programs.


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