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nytimes.jpgADOTAS — Search Force, Digital Element, Marin Software, Neo@Ogilvy, Veer, Google TV Ads, Visible World and Blekko (via Paid Content) had annoucements.

Google TV Ads and Visible World, providers of targeted television advertising, have partnered to deliver advanced television advertising solutions. Advertisers using the Google TV Ads platform will now have the ability to dynamically customize and target their television ads easily and efficiently through Visible World’s automated end-to-end system. Advertisers will be able to automate multiple creative messages featuring a variety of offers, products and search terms based on the target audience, context differences and media performance data provided by the new online and set-top-box metrics.

Digital Element, a provider of IP Intelligence technology, introduced the next generation of IP targeting with the launch of NetAcuity Edge, a hyperlocal data set that allows online marketers to accurately target content and messages with more precision and granularity.

Search Force, a search engine marketing and bid optimization company, has added support for content-rich image ads. SearchForce’s intelligent SEM management platform now allows users to dictate specific placement of image ads within Google’s network, as well as bid optimization, conversion tracking and reporting on these ads.

Marin Software, provider of enterprise-class paid search management application for advertisers and agencies, announced that Neo@Ogilvy, a full-service global digital and direct media agencies, has adopted Marin’s paid search management solution worldwide to help its clients drive greater ROI from their large-scale paid search programs. The Marin platform will work in conjunction with Neo@Ogilvy’s comprehensive global automated data management platform and enterprise-level campaign management system.

Veer, a producer and provider of visual elements and design-related products, announced the full launch of Veer Marketplace, a credit-based community of buyers and sellers offering hundreds of thousands of quality, low-priced ‘microstock’ images for as little as one dollar.

Stealth search startup Blekko has raised $11.5 million in a round of funding from U.S. Venture Partners and CMEA Capital.


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