Gary Vaynerchuk: social media is like the butchers of the ’50s


marketing_small.jpgADOTAS — I stopped by the Hill Country in Midtown yesterday for a Buddy Media event.

The social media company was touting it’s new offering Twitter Management System. It allows brand advertisers to identify, analyze and engage based on Twitter trends and conversations versus their competitors. It will compliment Buddy Media’s recently launched offering, the Social Page Management System. (Techcrunch goes into a more detail)

I talked to David Honig about it and he was excited, saying systems like this are the next big opportunity in the social media space. Honig co-founded Media6° but quietly stopped actively working at the company weeks ago. He is now on the Board of Advisors and still has a piece of equity in the company. He didn’t want to elaborate any more about his departure, though he said he is looking for new opportunties. I’ll be watching to see what he does next.

Also at the event was newest member of the Buddy Media’s Board of Advisers, Gary Vaynerchuk, the Wine Library TV host and partner of Vaynerchuk got up and spoke a few minutes (video below) and said that these metrics will help brands to engage with customers. He also said that social media is not really that difficult to understand. He compared it with the butchers back in the 50s: if they gave you a little extra meat, you would come back. But brands, he said, have to scale their caring, and they’re going to need tools. He added that it would blow the mind of marketers 40 years ago if you told them that they had an opportunity to listen into conversations of their customers.

(His full talk is below. Forgive the poor lighting, camera holding and also the people yelling for him to be louder. They could have just moved closer to the stage like I did, but I guess that wouldn’t have looked cool.)


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