Facebook getting Grandpa and Grandma, tots flee


facebook_small.jpgADOTAS — It feels like a social network kind-of-day, despite the fact that the numbers below seem to indicate that at least Facebook is walking into its autumn years.

According to Istrategy Labs, Facebook’s social Ads platform numbers show that the number of 55+ users grew 513.7 percent in the last six month alone. *Overall, percentage-wise, users 24 and under are now a smaller piece of the pie, with those 17 and under at 16.5 percent of the total. The generation gap continues but you wonder where are these kids fleeing to.

*corrected from an earlier version.

(Cue Frank Sinatra’s “It was a very good year.”)

Facebook Demographics Statistics 2009


  1. I don’t think your conclusion was correct at all. The study showed growth in ALL age groups. For some reason less users are affiliating themselves with high schools and colleges, but the users in high school and college age have not gone down.

  2. Again, it’s a numbers game. . .
    As with most technology/apps the sheer mass of earliest adopters has to plateau. It’s good news that there is growth in all demographics. Keep in mind also that the earliest users of each technology enter different segments in the age wave year/year.

  3. Maybe you are right. I am one of those 50+ folks using FB and I think the reason for the high growth in older users is because we are using it to more to network our business opportunities and amke connections there which is what I am doing and most of the people I invite as friends are also like-minded.


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