Brand awareness for teens and tweens


teens_small.jpgADOTAS — TV still holds the attention of teens and tweens, though they rely on friends for the next cool thing.

Most teens and tweens, 85 percent, believe that people will buy or use a specific product because it is mentioned on TV, according to a new study by Pangea Media, an online quiz and quiz technology company. The results of its latest “Pangea Pulse,” which tracked the attitudes and preferences of its tween and teen users towards brands, found that 77 percent of teens and tweens rely on friends to find out cool new brands, followed by seeing those brands in the store, 71 percent, or on a TV commercial, 51 percent.

When asked how they typically find out about new brands online, 26 percent said they see an ad when using a search engine and 24 percent said they learn about new brands on the social networking sites Facebook or Myspace. When asked to cite which social networking site had the “coolest” information about new products or brands, 46 percent said neither, followed by 23 percent who said Myspace. Most teens and tweens, 71 percent, responded that they are not “fans” of a brand on a social networking site.

With regard to technology, most respondents preferred the Google brand, 74 percent, to Yahoo, 21 percent, and Bing, 5 percent. Few teens and tweens listen to music on a Zune—91 percent of respondents said the iPod is cooler. Similarly, teens and tweens prefer YouTube, 94 percent, over other video services.


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