AOL media future = TMZ


aol_small.jpgADOTAS — Ghoulish, irrevent, irrelevant, mindless, endless celebrity prattle.

And yet, TMZ is a growing Time Warner property that could lead by example for AOL as it tries monetizing content. According to CEO Tim Armstrong, he believe advertisers are not paying enough for content at AOL, and he means to change that. But while sites such as TMZ, with its Michael Jackson news-breaking and huge audience, might be an easy sell, celebrity news always attracts surfers, is that what advertisers will call unique quality content?

Kara Swisher praises the site and the nice blend of text, video, audio and “a laser focus on intense reporting on its topic to yield a whole new kind of media that is Web-born and -bred.” But can’t this be done by anyone and won’t it.

Below is an interview by Swisher with TMZ’s Harvey Levin


  1. Tim Armstrong must improve AOL’s ad serving platform before charging more for the privilege of reaching its frustrated subscribers.

    AOL bombards subscribers with lame rich media ads, such as dancing credit scores, that freeze even computers with 4 gigs of ram such as my own. Frozen computers have a negatively affect click through rates.

    Tech support doesn’t understand the problem and senor management refuses to acknowledge it. They must be using a special non buggy AOL employees version of the software.

  2. AOL? Are they still around?

    Over the years I’ve please so many customers by making them understand they don’t have to use that crashing, freezing, bloated, window popping, time wasting service.


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