Wall Street Journal posts YouTube video of ‘Neda’ killing – with ads


wall-street-journal.jpgADOTAS — In the stupid video advertising of the day category, the WSJ decided that inserting advertising of UPS and Juniper Networks in a video of what appears to be the killing of a girl in Iran was a good idea.

You wonder what kind of monitoring system its using. Whatever it is, it either needs to be tweaked or tossed. (FYI, the video is graphic, so be prepared.)


  1. Wold you say the same thing if they ran a UPS ad next to the story in the newspaper? If not there is a double standard that will kill the advertising model for news delivery online.

  2. Terence,
    A news article is not the same as a video advertisement that you are forced to watch. Outside of the the fact that while this is news, and the ‘dreaded’ user generated news, do you think UPS would be happy that it is being associated with this? Really?

  3. If newspapers have to “sell” content to stay in business then it seems like a necessary interruption. Of course it isn’t ideal, but what is the alternative? Without pre-roll advertising, some newspapers can’t afford to deliver the news at all. Until there is a better solution, I support the WSJ’s decision. I’d rather wait for news than not get it at all.


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