VideoEgg partners with Six Apart


deal.jpgADOTAS — The rich media ad network announced a partnership with Six Apart, a social media and services company.

Under the terms of this agreement, Six Apart Media will offer AdFrames ad units as part of the company’s advertising program, allowing bloggers to easily integrate VideoEgg’s invitation-based ads into their TypePad blogs. As part of the collaboration, Six Apart bloggers can now integrate Twig, a new AdFrames unit.

Stretching the full width of the browser window, Twig is an ad unit that is always at the top or bottom of the frame and has an opt-in full page expansion, allowing advertisers to bring a rich interactive environment directly to the user. As with the other AdFrames ad units, Twig is offered with VideoEgg’s cost-per-engagement model, ensuring advertisers only pay when a user engages with the ad.


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