Tremor Media announces vChoice for online video advertising


video2_small.jpgADOTAS — The video ad network and provider of the Acudeo video monetization platform has released new interactive in-stream ad formats that enable non-linear viewing experiences inside the player.

VChoice is in-stream ad formats that deliver a menu of options during or after a short pre-roll teaser. The user-friendly formats invite audiences to engage in additional advertiser content, link to a web site, or continue to the publisher’s content. The new ad formats allow advertisers to go beyond traditional pre-roll by presenting the viewer with options to view additional video content such as multiple TV ads, product reviews, tutorials, or long form branded content.

“VChoice is an important milestone in facilitating the evolution of video advertising from a linear one-way format which has been in place for the last 50 years,” Jason Glickman, CEO of Tremor Media said in a statement, “to a powerful interactive experience that lets users engage with a brand and empowers ad agencies to flex their creative muscles with the next generation of video ads delivered at scale.”

The formats also support new creative approaches to in-stream video advertising including interactive games and non-linear storytelling. Proctor & Gamble, Universal Pictures, Microsoft, and Ubisoft have all participated in Tremor Media’s beta test of the new formats.

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