Sodahead, a social media newspaper


marketing_small.jpgADOTAS — For those who read me often, you know that I closely watch what happens in the field of journalism, especially the fate of newspapers.

As I learn how the sausage gets made in the online world, one that that pops out with how newspapers maintain their websites is their lack of imagination when it come to connecting and keeping their users on the site. While they have comments, it doesn’t encourage users to create a community and connect with each other. So while those sites flail about with what whatever social media strategy they have, others fill the breach, like SodaHead.

SodaHead is an opinion-driven social network site where users can be anonymous. It also have a poll widget that can be embedded anywhere and is used by major papers, including my beloved New York Post. The company makes money from online advertising and eventually plan to have premium services surrounding the use of its widget technology. Today the site has unveiled a new feature that allows users to post stories. Here are founders Jason Feffer and Michael Glazer talking about the new feature and why publishers are partnering with them. (If the video disappears, here’s the url)


  1. SodaHead is a great forum for people to say what they think, what they know and what they don’t know. It is a forum where people can post their blog or URL. It is a place where people can receive accolades or reproach and they usually get both. SodaHead is the best forum I have seen. :-)


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