PubMatic Ad Inspector offers one-click analysis for served advertising


malware_small.jpgADOTAS — The ad revenue optimization tech firm has released a new application to help publishers analyze and evaluate ads served on their web sites.

PubMatic Ad Inspector identifies improper, faulty or malicious ads and their source, allowing ad operations professionals to make timely adjustments to protect their publishers’ brands. The new service provides publishers with deep forensic information on all ads served on their Web pages. It instantly identifies which ad network or exchange served a particular ad and any ad networks that defaulted in the process.

“Online ad sales is getting more complicated for ad operations professionals among large publishers. Tracking down where an ad comes from and stopping the inappropriate ones does not have to be a difficult task,” PubMatic Co-Founder & CEO, Rajeev Goel, said in a staement. “Ad Inspector alleviates the burden on ad operations by providing quick analysis on ads that may not be appropriate for the publisher.”

PubMatic Ad Inspector, available as a FireFox add-on, is geared for ad operations professionals in large publishers who manage complex environments with numerous sites, multiple ad networks and multiple ad units.

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  1. Wouldn’t it be easier if these companies recommended ads to publishers through their programs and then let us choose which ones would work best in our sites so we never have to run into the problem of dealing with inappropriate ads? Do any of these Ad Optimizers do that?

    I’ve been doing research on this for while and none of the big companies seem to do this. The only one I could find was a start-up called AD-Village. I don’t suppose anyone has tried their services?

    Their website is at

  2. I’ve used PubMatic across dozens of both high frequency & reach sites the past year and its been good. I’ve been surprised by their service and help, because their technology delivers, so always happy to see new advancements.


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