Peer39 digs deep with semantics


semantics2.jpgADOTAS — The New York- and Israel-based company has continued to work on spreading its core technology.

Before shutting down its ad network, the company had to decide whether it was a media business trying to reach advertisers and expand its network or focus on its semantic technology, said CEO Amiad Solomon at the Digiday conference.  The company obviously decided on the technology, which appears to have been a good choice. It recently closed on $10.5 million funding. The company, founded in Israel in 2006, has raised $22 million so far.

But with all different tech services out there, especially behavioral, it seems that the competition could prove an obstacle. An idea that Solomon disagrees with, saying that it is more about adding layers of value rather than competition. (The video, hosted by Youtube, keeps disappearing. If it’s not viewable, here’s the url. )


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