MySpace loses poll, and readers comment on who should own analytics


readers_small.jpgADOTAS — In our weekly, amazingly unscientific poll, a large marjority, 65 percent, said that MySpace won’t be able to reinvent itself, despite some claims to the contrary. Readers also commented on Twitter, analytics and who should own it.

Fox in the Henhouse: Should You Trust Your Agency with Analytics?

Heath Westover:
“I think that Alex nailed this on the head. Your agency is a partner if you can not trust them then don’t retain them. As a metrics professional at a digital agency I consider accuracy and integrity to be my top priorities. I lay out a measurement plan be for a campaign or site launch that identifies all the metrics that will be tracked and then update the plan when metrics are unavailable for what ever reason. The measurement plan becomes the guide for all reporting.

I have worked with some of my clients “objective” third party analytic teams and they refuse to share how and what they plan to measure. That is a real issue.”

“I appreciate the spirit of this article. Leave the numbers for all the mortgage industry refugees, who seemed to have escaped into the digital wonderland, to pour over.
Creative agencies, even today in this niffy era of impressive analytics, should focus on being interesting and provocative. Animate a baby so it talks like a real adult! Dream up Sponge Bob Square Butt for Burger King etc.

And this is a self serving comment from somebody who works for nerd heavy company. I’m tired of you chairs that don’t accommodate us squares.”

Twitter Shift

arthur barbato:
“where is the “Tweet This” button? I know it’s here somewhere….follow me, I’ll follow you, yes, even the cross-dressing CIA mole, I promise.”

Domenick Cilea:
“Nice job capturing the essence of Twitter and how it fosters real-time conversations about news, brands, trends and personal experiences.

Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, et al are key components of the social media lexicon as we know it today. I look forward to seeing how these two-way channels continue to evolve.”

Jan Zlotnick:
“Nailed it, Ernie. It’s about time. Wonder if that old Thomas Paine was on to something back when time was a slower , unfolding process…of reflection and reason. “Time makes more converts than reason.” Hmmm…”

“Great Article

Takes me back to 1992 when the war was between techno Geeks who wanted a pure clean Internet and no commercialization. Then the horror of Email being used to sell things.. My good heavens blasphemy. Now Email is ran by spammers (I swear at times)…. In time twitter will become a paid spam channel. NO not tomorrow… But looking down the tunnel of time.. Then What next?

Rod Cook”

AOL buys Tim Armstrong’s Patch

Tom Flanagan:
“It’s high time for AOL to stop PUSHING more features to its audience but rather start LISTENING to what they want. Tim has a great opportunity to help AOL start to innovate around the behaviors, life events, and lifestyles of his customers – as opposed to keep trying to innovate via pushing out new product and service offerings. Hint: your customers want to save money on consumer brand purchases. How can AOL help them do that?”

Analytics; an agency’s secret weapon

“Hi Chris, I certainly agree that analytics can play a crucial role in determining the success and actual ROI of any online marketing campaign. However, I would challenge agencies (and any other internet marketers out there) to take it a step further and explore demand generation and marketing automation solutions. I’m talking about solutions that track website behavior at an individual level, not as aggregate statistics. These types of tools will allow you to see specific buyers’ behaviors from the point of entry through the actual sale. I strongly believe you’d get more in depth information by taking a look at buyers as unique individuals rather than an overall view of absolutely everyone. But in the interest of full disclosure, I’m biased because my company offers this type of solution Still, as an internet marketer, I’ve seen the value and results a demand generation solution can provide and would highly recommend it over more basic analytics solutions.”

Vaudeville to Lost – On the Web

Nicklaus Deyring:
“Fascinating comparison! Distilling the analogy is an eye opening observation.

It’s a cliche that technology is moving so rapidly that you need to constantly shift your thinking, but your article is illustrative of the medium’s impact disconnected from the specifics of the Internet as a technology.

Because the Internet is so directly connected with a wave of all other kinds of innovations, it’s not just limited as a parallel example. Television shaped our habits, but not so directly and rapidly the way that we function and carry out tasks.

A more appropriate analogy might be if the phone, television and car were all invented at the same time, used the same technologies and evolved in years, not decades.”

Why We want Microsoft’s Bing to Succeed

Sidney Shanklin:
“Try a few simple comparison searches, you will quickly see that Bing needs a lot of work! Search engines exist for a simple purpose, Bing does not, as yet, come anywhere near Google. Altavista is the best of the lot anyway, why not use that?”

An emerging direct digital marketing world

Harold Cabezas:
“LOL….I completely agree! Well-written, thanks-this post was extremely informative.

I think Google Wave is something that will be of great use to direct digital marketers once it is publicly available later this year.”

Sodahead, a social media newspaper

Jon Bodenet:
“SodaHead is a great forum for people to say what they think, what they know and what they don’t know. It is a forum where people can post their blog or URL. It is a place where people can receive accolades or reproach and they usually get both. SodaHead is the best forum I have seen.”


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