MySpace layoff frenzy could hit overseas


myspace_small.jpgADOTAS — The social network might only be beginning its massive restructuring.

This past week’s layoffs looks like it could be the first round. MySpace already laid off 30 percent of its staff, about 420 people. But another round, between 300-500, could be axed, according to Alley Insider, and the struggling social network’s nominal overlord Fox Interactive Media could be no more.

Now Techcrunch is saying that “next up for termination were over 100 of its international employees, as it has almost 30 offices around the world. MySpace in Europe covers 19 territories via 6 offices.”

This is bolstered by what Kara Swisher heard that unless advertising plunges even more, there won’t be more U.S. cuts. But MySpace internationally is not doing well, so it’s a whole different ball game, she was told.


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