Mochi Media mired in investor strife, and MySpace shuttters Brazil office


nytimes.jpgADOTAS — A quick news glance around the webosophere, including Jeff Goldblum eulogizing himself after tweets declare him dead.

Mochi Media, Flash game advertising network and payments platform, is having investor problems. (Techcrunch)

Facebook has hired the former chief financial officer of Genentech, David Ebersman, as its CFO. (reuters)

MySpace Brazil To Shutter. (Billboard)

YouTube allowing advertising overlays on videos. (Techcrunch)

The Five Tasks of Apple’s Steve Jobs. (ST)

Congress pressed to act on Google book settlement. (Financial Times)

Despite the tweets, Jeff Goldblum is still not dead. He even said so on the Stephen Colbert show. (h/t MediaMemo)

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