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jobs_small.jpgADOTAS — NetShelter Technology Media, Adify, Hydra, Pointroll, Specific Media, Getfugu, The Social Media Advertising Consortium, 2ergo has made company announcements this past week.

Specific Media:

Leroy Holland joins Specific Media as a senior account executive within the San Francisco region. Holland brings more than 10 years of sales experience to Specific Media, including previous positions at AOL’s Platform-A and Fox Interactive Media’s IGN Entertainment.

Melissa Holder was hired as account executive within the San Francisco region. She previously spent four years as a national account executive at Yahoo! Hot Jobs.


The vertical ad network management and media services company announced the appointments of Glenn Fishback, SVP media sales, Lee Hoffman, VP media sales, eastern region, and Jonny Byrne, commercial director, UK to build out the sales team for Adify’s new division, Adify Media.

Fishback was previously the VP of sales at Turn Inc. He also held VP of sales positions at Coupons Inc. and Claria Corporation, including management of revenue growth in the U.S., Asia-Pacific, and Latin America.

Hoffman joins Adify Media from AOL’s ad network, Platform-A, where he was a regional sales director managing over $50m in revenue. His career includes VP-level sales positions at WebMD, Ask Jeeves, MaxOnline, and MaxWorldwide (formerly L90/Doubleclick North American Media). In his new role at Adify Media, Hoffman will lead Adify’s New York office and drive media sales for the eastern and midwestern U.S.

Byrne comes to Adify from Tiscali UK Ltd, where he was head of agency sales and ran the media sales team responsible for generating in excess of £7m net sales PA. He was sales manager and key account director at Incisive Media (formally VNU Business Publications), and led the international team providing cross-media solutions for Europe’s top 20 corporate tech clients. In his new role as commercial director, Byrne will lead Adify Media’s London office, overseeing UK media sales.


Former Ask Jeeves co-founder David Warthen was named Chief Technology Officer. In addition to his achievements with Ask Jeeves, Warthen has successfully led a number of smaller startup companies including: Jiles Inc., a start-up company developing natural language search products, Geomas Software, a privately held business developing Geo-Targeted search products based on their intellectual property and Eye Games Inc., a pioneering developer of next-generation man-machine interactive webcam video games.

The Social Media Advertising Consortium (SMAC):

The industry association has announced creation of its Board of Directors and the appointment of Maura Curtin as the organization’s Executive Director. Curtin brings almost 15 years experience in the digital arena at Fox Interactive Media, Fairchild Publications and iVillage.


The mobile tech company is furthering its global expansion plans by today announcing a significant business development partnership in China. The UK-based company has agreed the strategic partnership with telecommunications business development specialist, Intralink.

NetShelter Technology Media

Anne Marie Miller was hired as vice president, strategic accounts. She most recently served as corporate senior vice president of sales at United Business Media.


Rachel Corcoran was hired director of compliance overseeing Hydra’s compliance team and the Hydra AdControl suite of services. Most recently, Corcoran served as the manager of corporate regulatory compliance and contracts at Experian.


Ray McIntosh was hired as sales director, west coast; Chris Baughman as avp, creative strategy; Dana Summers as account executive, Pacific Northwest; and Rhiannon Ubelhor as an account executive, Auto, for the Los Angeles post.


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