Habitat Music and NetmixMedia: mix, mingle and marketing


sarah_small.jpgADOTAS — I was riding the subway Thursday night when I got the confirmation of a historical moment for music and pop culture around the world – Michael Jackson had died. An icon had passed and I was headed to a networking party for people in music and marketing. Who better to celebrate the life of such a star with.

The space was very hip, doubling as an office/recording hub and party loft on the 10th floor of a building downtown. I met Aaron Albano, one of the co-creators of the event and a Habitat Music founder who I quickly bonded with over the fact that he had the exact same name as a friend I grew up with. This set the tone of the evening, which is to say it was casual and hip, personable and fun. People filtered in quickly and the flow didn’t stop the entire time. It’s a popular and beneficial event for the whose who from all corners of the music industry.

Habitat Music and NetmixMedia started the function out of a necessity in the industry for collaboration. Because of the state of the economy, it is imperative for creative minds to come together and find inventive ways to get their stuff out on the market and heard or seen by the target audience. This event was conceived from this need. Plus, who doesn’t want to come and have some free drinks with cool people? The event is monthly and I am imploring anyone who creates, markets, advertises or loves music to go to this mixer. You will learn a ton and have a great time. It’s the best event I’ve been to in a long time.

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  1. Great article and an amazing time was had by all at this event. I’m an eLearning developer/musician. It’s a great place to make connections whether you’re in the corporate world, artistic world, or a little of both!

    Thank you Habitat Music and NetmixMedia. I know these events will continue to be a huge success. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work with Harold Stephan (one of the partners) on my latest music project. What an incredible experience. Hats off to Harold…so talented and an incredible coach! xoxoxo to all involved in this event!!!


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