Greystripe guarantees ad revenue to iPhone app developers


IphoneADOTAS — The mobile game advertising network is offering a new (gimmicky) CPM protection program for iPhone application publishers.

According to the company, with several mobile ad networks undercutting each other’s CPM to compete for advertising dollars, iPhone app publishers are often shortchanged. But Greystripe’s new program promises publishers the highest CPM in the industry. The new CPM Protection Program offers to beat other ad networks’ eCPM by at least 25% for 60 days. Publishers can sign up *here and register by emailing

“Our new program reinforces our commitment to establishing a sustainable CPM that promotes the free app ecosystem,” Michael Chang, CEO of Greystripe, said in a statement. “We’re inviting all developers to try out our network and see the results first-hand.”

The program is an interesting attempt to buy market share. Techcrunch says Greystripe’s CPMs come in at around $1.50 to $2.00 and that one developer reported CPMs of $0.23 with ads powered by AdMob.

Corrected from an earlier version.



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