Google news pokes newspapers in the eye – again


googlesucks_small.jpgADOTAS — As if newspapers weren’t already apoplectic about what they say is Google-content stealing, a new Google news feature looks like it will show more content, which will have newspapers even more outraged.

Google Labs is about to launch, Flipper, according to Techcrunch. It looks like it will make it easier to flip through google news, whether sections or sources. This looks similar to something the New York Times is working on and that’s the main problem it seems to me. If you look at the stories, it give more content for you to read on the Google news page. Instead of links, you can just stay on the page. I think news sites are going to have something to say about this.



  1. Unbelievable, really. Google is so brilliant at so many things. But content has NEVER been one of them. Full stop. And more and more, Google’s search results are loaded with “keyword grabbing” gateways – not the real deal. A time and resource waster for sure.

  2. Major newspapers dug their own grave when they decided to publish, free, online editions. If the newspapers truly believed in print they would not have made their print editions available in any other format. Newspapers sold out, made bad decisions and allowed their paid subscriber base to access free versions in other mediums. Newspapers continue to pay the price for their lack of vision and lack of belief in the power of print.

  3. Newspaper’s woes started in the 1950s, and were at a crisis level before the web saw its first click. Newspapers continue to pay the price for their insistence in pouring money into paper factories.

    Until they shut down the factory and focus on journalism – not the method of distribution – they will continue to die.

  4. It also looks as though this feature will load ads from each of the news sites, which creates yet another dilemma. News site revenues might actually increase if this feature becomes popular because Google will be triggering so many ad loads on their behalf – regardless of whether or not the reader clicks through to the site. Will this reduce the value of that advertising space for those who are actually paying the bills, though, if engagement isn’t there?


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