Glam Media wants a Twitter ad network


twitter_small.jpgADOTAS — The online vertical content network is bullish on the microblogging service for the future of online advertising opportunities.

Glam Media has been contacting Twitter app developers concerning an upcoming ‘Twitter-powered ad network,’ according to Techcrunch. CEO Samir Arora said in an email that “with the launch of to help monetize “real-time” trends and events, Advertisers have been asking Glam to reach real-time stream users across multiple applications.”

The company launched Tinker, a micro-blogging service, which is a platform for people to find, follow, filter, create and share real-time conversations on events and breaking news. It has also continued to expand into the men’s space, with a partnership with sports blogging network SB Nation and a few months back secured $10 million in funding.

It’s still uncertain how the Twitter ad network would work or if it’s tied to Tinker.


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