Fanscape: Brands should go where the conversations are


marketing_small.jpgADOTAS — It’s more about social media being complemetary to traditional advertising, according to Larry Weintraub.

Weintraub and Terry Dry are founders of Fanscape, a digital engagement advertising agency. I talked with them last week about social media and internet advertising. Social media is not changing the world, Weintraub said, but it’s chaning how we view advertising. We’re just not watching advertising the same way; we’re sharing it through multiple channels, fostered by social media, he said.

One thing they did say that stuck with me is that brands are sometimes resistant to getting involved in social media campaigns, saying that they don’t want to lose control of their message. Their eneral response is that most brands are already being talked about or will be somewhere online. The only question is if the brand wants to be involved in that conversation. They talk below about how they discuss options with reluctant brands as well as how they help brands that have problems with their products. (Here’s the link if the video disappears)


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