Fanscape, on social media and traditional online advertising


marketing_small.jpgADOTAS — Last week I met with Larry Weintraub and Terry Dry, founders of Fanscape, a digital engagement marketing agency.

We talked about a variety of subjects within the social media world, so I broke it into several video segments. This one is about metrics used within social media. The tension between traditional internet advertising metrics, page views, etc., and the use of time and engagment in social media┬áhas been around for awhile, but it has grown because of the rise of social networks. In the video below, Terry notes the difference and the overlap between traditional and social media metrics. (If the video disappears, here’s the link.)


  1. Great interview, extremely informative….I completely agree with his premise about social media metrics and feel that is one of the problems social media has currently-you can not look at it like traditional online marketing. ;O)


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