Email integrates with social media, data shows trend for direct marketing

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marketing_small.jpgADOTAS — The direct markting standby, whose death has long been foretold, just keeps reinventing itself as new platforms emerge and the social media craze is no expection.

While there is still a wide-spread land-grab for ownership of social media within marketing departments, 36% of marketers say that their direct marketing department owns social media, according to a new survey by StrongMail. Though only 9% of the respondents say social media is owned by the public relations departments, only 5% have a dedicated social media department.

There does seem to be a general confusion on where should social media live in an organization, said Ryan Deutsch, vice president of strategic services and market development for StrongMail. There is general lack of focus, no real social strategy, on how marketers are monetizing it.

The results are based on data from more than 500 marketers who responded to an online survey from May 21 to June 1, 2009.

The survey revealed that social media is a hot initiative with email marketers, with 66% planning to integrate the two channels in 2009, and 48% who have already formulated a strategy for achieving this initiative. Funding is also exceptionally strong for both channels. Of marketers planning to increase budgets in 2009, 83% will increase spend in email marketing, followed by social media at 62%

More than half of respondents though report that one of their biggest challenges with integrating social media and email marketing is determining metrics by which to measure success. At 48%, establishing business goals for the program is a close second.

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