Who wants to make a deal for Twitter? Facebook, Google, Apple, Kara Swisher?


twitter_small.jpgADOTAS — When it comes to rumors, I view Michael Arrington like the New York Post.

He’s usually first, but gets the details wrong. He says a rumor is swirling around that Apple wants Twitter and the purchase price is pegged at $700 million in cash. He then follows with enough qualifiers to choke a horse: others haven’t heard this, Twitter folk don’t seem to want to sell and, gone unmentioned, is why exactly would Apple want it?

Facebook was famously rebuffed, and Google certainly has kicked the tires because of the natural synergy in what the giant search company does and what Twitter is capable of. It takes Kara Swisher to calm things down, and dismiss “late-stage negotiations” for Twitter, but adds if someone comes up with a “$700 million cash” deal, it would be tough for the company to turn away. She also says it appears that Twitter wants to see how far it can go with a real business plan (one that has yet to be fully disclosed.)

Swisher also discloses AllThingsD wants to buy Twitter, for some chewed up, broken kid toys and gum balls, I imagine.

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