VideoEgg launches AttentionRank


manyadnetworks_small.jpgADOTAS — Attention is king.

Or so VideoEgg, a rich media ad network, thinks.  It has unveiled AttentionRank, an ad delivery approach that identifies when and where users are most receptive to a brand’s message — evaluating media not on an impression basis, but on its ability to capture attention. By analyzing engagement with the ad, time spent with a brand message and secondary user actions such as click-through rates, AttentionRank enables VideoEgg to understand where to place brand messages to capture user attention, increasing the time users spend with an advertisers’ content by an average of 15 percent.

“Brands are fighting harder than ever for time and attention, as consumers rapidly shift to new media platforms they’re able to control, like DVRs and the Internet. This cultural change in how messages are consumed makes it more important than ever for brands to connect with their audience when they are the most open to considering a brand message,” Matt Sanchez, CEO of VideoEgg, said in a statement. “We’ve seen dramatic differences in the value of media placements across the Internet and feel that traditional media buying approaches create unacceptable risks for advertisers. Adding the dimensions of time and engagement to how impressions are valued is an essential evolution in a media world where user attention varies dramatically and can be discretely measured.”

According to the company, early successes with AttentionRank include substantial increases in time spent with advertising content across three major brand categories:

– 18%increase in time spent for a packaged goods advertiser
– 13.2% increase in time spent for a major automotive advertiser
– 12.3% increase in time spent for a global apparel advertiser

The ad network is composed of over 100 million uniques across more than 400 video, gaming and social network sites as well as social applications. Founded in 2005 and based in San Francisco, with offices across North America, in the UK and Australia, the company is privately held and backed by August Capital, First Round Capital, Maveron, WPP and Focus Ventures.

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