Twitter marketing, direct mail and affiliate linking defended


readers_small.jpgADOTAS — Some of the reader comments on this past week’s news.

Email sails as direct mail fails

Bruce Biegel:
“Since when is email revenue up to $12BB? Have seen alot of numbers in the past on email but never close to this?
Also since email arguably does not work well for marketing acquisition, and direct mail spending is primarily (70%+ usually) for acqusition – why would email be the beneficiary here?
Mail will still have its place, and a significant one until online becomes a strong targeted acquistion medium, one that can be directed to prospect and not wiating for the prospect to wave their browser.”

Jeff Reinhardt:
“Direct Mail falls as Email Rises – Does anyone notice a common word ? MAIL
Email is Direct Mail – assuming of course it is targeted and not just blasted to all. Thus Direct Mail rises as Email rises — maybe postal mail is declining.”

Twitter, a marketing fool’s hype

“it’s hype, but only for the marketers that think that social media is a one-size fits all, off the shelf solution. A simple plug and play if you will. You don’t just show up and watch the cash register start to ring. You need to engage, add value, participate, etc etc…
For those marketers willing to put the time in, social media can actually add revenue. Consumers aren’t going there with the intention of making a purchase, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Just because you aren’t at a site looking for guidance, doesn’t mean you won’t accept it if relevant/meaningful guidance is offered. I’m not on twitter to get 50% off a muffin at starbucks, but if a friend retweets that promotion… well, I may stop by starbucks at on my break.
Also, your stats are about advertising on social media sites… what about brands that use social media sites to engage consumers?
Finally, here’s a recent Ad Age article regarding Naked Pizza’s success. A twitter promotion brought in 15% of their revenue one day.”

Mike Saunders:
“It’s just like anything….if you don’t work it you will receive no results! It’s called NetWORKing….you don;t just show up to a Chamber meeting and get flooded with business.
With Twitter, you must work it, 3-5 relevant Tweets a day, attract TARGETED followers….but all too many times business owners set it up and stop within a week and say “Well that didn’t work”
I added a service to my Marketing Consulting called Twitter Magic that solves this.
Let me know if I can help.”

Twitter affiliate linking madness

Mike Buechele:
“Jeremiah Owyang recently spoke with Shawn Collins, owner of Affiliate Summit the largest affiliate convention. They both agreed that there is more to learn before a standard can made. Also, not all affiliate links on twitter are spam which has been discussed in the affiliate industry for a while now. If someone in my community is asking about the best coffee brewers then I don’t consider sending her an affiliate link to one I recommend spam. That’s a solution to someone’s problem. Just sending out tweet after tweet with links without reference to the conversation or in line with the community’s values would be spam, like offering a community of vegans discounts on big macs.”

Two Ways to Skin a Dislay Ad

“Well, you did make it a tag line for CPA. And your article is very smart and explaines why there is growth in CPA (cost per action marketing). At Hydra we have seen tremendous growth in this area. Advertisers are requiring the ability for accountability and better ROI.”

Affiliate Success: Trends, Trust, and Transparency

Randy Mitchelson:
“Thanks for the article Ashlee. I am constantly researching offers for exclusive placement in our Daily Dollar Newsletter ( which we email to our payday loan customers and have noticed more offers being labeled as “select”, etc, but the feedback I have rec’d is that it’s more the prevent fraud from the click crooks out there.”

Google Trademark Process, Shifting Burden to Brand Owners

R.J. Lewis:
“This raises once again the frequently heard question of “who really owns a brand anyway?”. Increasingly it’s not the company that holds the copyright, but the customer, the consumer, and now their reseller partners…”

The FTC steps into the social media fray – so what do we do now?

“If the government was a business it would be Bankrupt, just think about that any time you support government intervention. There is already regulation in this area, it is called the judicial system. If someone makes a claim that is untrue it should be handled through the courts.”


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