TweetBucks: For lazy affiliate marketers


affiliate11.jpgADOTAS — Twitter is filled with people, some transparently, using affiliate linking.

And now a new service, TweetBucks, has launched making it easier. It enables users of social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook to generate revenue from their shortened URLs with affiliate commissions and pay-per-click ad-frames. With the launch, TweetBucks is offering users a starting account balance of $5, and a 10% referral commission on all new users they invite to the service.

Users can create an account and start shortening URLs using the service. Behind the scenes, TweetBucks searches its database of thousands of merchants for affiliate programs that match the destination URL. If there is a match, the user earns 70 percent of the affiliate commissions every time a click on their shortened link results in a sale. If there isn’t a match, users have the opportunity to put a co-branded ad-frame on the target site and make money from every click.

TweetBucks pays commissions monthly through PayPal when accounts exceed $25. For a limited time, TweetBucks is helping new users along the path to revenue with a $5 starting balance in their account. In addition, users will earn a 10% commission on all revenue earned by people they refer to the service for six months after they signing up. TweetBucks says it takes the complexity out of using affiliate programs to generate revenue.

It will certainly make it easier for the affiliate jerks out there to spam links. But for a reputable ones, why would they cut their commissions for something they can do themselves?

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  1. Hi Edward. Thanks for the post on @tweet_bucks. To answer your question we feel our service greatly simplifies the process of monetizing content. As you point out, you can do this now but it involves about 4-5 steps – applying to a merchant – logging into CJ/LS/Google – finding the product link – going to and shortening. Also we offer an optional ad-frame option that lets you generate revenue on every click.

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