Tech failures, ppc fraud and not a good week for CEOs or Intel


readers_small.jpgADOTAS — A quick news glance around the webosphere.  

The ten biggest tech failures of the last decade. (24/7)
(Microsoft has two of them.)

Pay-Per-Click Web Advertisers Combat Costly Fraud. (NYT)
(The article omits the more nefarious malware and identity theft problem.)

Short stay for outgoing Chief Executive Jim Safka. (Marketwatch)

Europe whacks Intel, fining it $1.45 billion for monopoly abuse – (WSJ)
(Forget the US, the EU is now the center for smaller companies to take on bigger ones.)

James Treacy, the former CEO and president Monster was found guilty for securities fraud and conspiracy in a stock options backdating scheme and faces a possible 25-year sentence. (Reuters)
(He won’t get 25 years, but it can’t be easy when you’re the one convicted.)

Social network customization comes to Ning. (Techcrunch)


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