Short Tail Media developing platform for online video commercials


online_video_small.jpgADOTAS — Short Tail Media has teamed with Schematic and Visible Measures to create a new video ad platform designed to create scalability and measurability for video commercials online.

Known as the Digital 30 – or D30 – the platform will provide an easy way for advertisers to distribute their existing 15- or 30-second spots across premier websites. The D30 serves video ads as users navigate to sites from search or headline links, creating ad inventory that does not compete or interfere with existing pre-roll video or display ads on partner websites. The company will launch its Beta program this summer with select publishers and advertisers.

“This is innovation through simplification. We’re marrying what has traditionally been the most scalable and sell-able of offline ad units – the 30 second spot – with online websites, in a move ultimately intended to replace the banner as the standard,” David Payne, CEO of ShortTail Media and the former head of, said in a statement. “By focusing on both user navigation patterns and on what actually works for advertisers (video advertising), we’re solving a critical marketplace shortcoming.”

Noting that the wide predominance of web browsing still involves reading articles or viewing pictures, while the most effective and fastest growing sector of online advertising is video, the companies have collaborated on a platform that delivers a streaming video ad in an overlay served on top of website pages. By leveraging Visible Measures’ analytics, the D30 platform will show advertisers how long users actually engaged with their advertising, providing a more direct and complete scorecard of ad effectiveness than television’s panel-based research.

“The D30 is an interesting and unique opportunity worth serious consideration,” Sarah Baehr, Vice President of Media, Razorfish, said in a statement, “but more importantly we’re pleased to see companies like ShortTail focusing on delivering innovation and creativity during the economic downturn.”

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