OBLITERATI – 5/21/09



Date: 5/21/09 – 6 pm


Location: Sweet & Vicious, 5 Spring Street (btwn Elizabeth and Bowery), New York, NY


Cost: Unknown



Some of us may be out of work, but that doesn’t mean we have to sit at home flagellating ourselves and refreshing Mediabistro’s job page all night. We still have ideas. We still like whiskey. 

So, it is out of respect for our fellow writers, editors, producers, website content-generators, that we decided to have a party. Now is when we need each other. Not just for leads on jobs, but for funny stories and new ideas and a reason to get out of our pajamas and put on a deep v-neck and some damn lipstick. 

May 21st, let’s get together and have a beer. Let’s bring our senses of humor, our half hashed-out ideas for business ventures, our hot girlfriends, our laundry money and our dancing shoes. 


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