(not) Facebook revenue, YouTube (finally) paying some bills, and Microsoft buys videogame from self


pinky-and-brain.jpgADOTAS — Facebook platform developers could see $500M in revenue this year – Venture Beat.

A Web Freedom Bill would prevent U.S. technology companies from working with repressive foreign governments that seek to conduct Internet surveillance to find, capture, convict and often torture citizens for engaging in democracy promotion and human rights advocacy online. – National Journal. (Let’s see Google, Yahoo, et al come out against this, quietly)

Microsoft buys videogame start-up co-founded and partly owned by Don Mattrick, the executive who runs Microsoft’s videogame business. – WSJ. (What exactly does this guy do for Microsoft then? The story says the guy wasn’t involved in the discussion. Yeah. I believe that.)

YouTube May Be Solving Its Ad Problem – Slowly – MediaMemo

WTF Times Front Page Basically Just Digg Now – Gawker

Forget diet or health, go to Realchocolate.com for free chocolate where there coupons, which will be mailed to consumers, redeemable for any full-size Mars real chocolate product. Too bad. You still have to buy Mom something then. – LA  Times.


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