Facebook, Fresh Direct, Time vs CPM and tradeshows drew comments this week


readers_small.jpgADOTAS — Some of our readers’ opinions for the last week’s stories.

Facebook and Holocaust Denial; and Facebook, breasts – no; Holocaust denial groups – yes.

Brad Nickel:

“Where should they stop? Darfur? USSR? Native Americans? Which deniers get censored and which do not? Does it take 10,000 dead to qualify for no denier status or do you have to be in the millions? Is it enough to deny human rights abuses in Tibet to get you banned?

There is no line you can draw which is why they can’t draw the line. Its silly to say this is a marketing nightmare. Its only a marketing nightmare for those silly enough to think free speech is bad. Their market are predominantly people that don’t care if someone is allowed to speak stupidly or even violently. They love rap. The discussion is silly.

A. Li:

“Letting Holocaust Denying groups be on Facebook is very dangerous because the young generation does not know much about WWII, and under these groups’ influence they might not realize the significance of the crime done by Nazi.
It is a historical fact that Nazi did kill and tortured millions of Jews and other nations. The world has never forget it.”

Jane Cho:

“When you write about the Holocaust please remember that the total tally is 12 million. Yes the Nazis killed 6 million Jews, but they also murder 6 million others including Roma (gypsies – they and the Jews are specifically identified in the Wannsee Conference transcripts as the main target of the Nazis), gays, labor union leaders, mentally handicapped, the disabled, religious leaders who spoke out, Slavs along with many others.”

Online advertising: Time and engagement beats CPM

Ross Craven:

“I agree, online advertisers should always rely on the time spent on a page than just go through page reviews. You should always focus on finishing the page before you come to thinking of looking through the page reviews.”

Fresh Direct, about customer loyalty not Internet advertising

Diane M.:

“In my opinion, Fresh Direct’s success is due to the fact that it answers a real need in NYC: grocery shopping without lugging heavy bags home; many NYC rsidents do not own a car.
I prayed for Fresh Direct to come to my former Brooklyn neighborhood, but alas! they were delayed; now I live in suburbia with an automobile to carry all those heavy groceries.”

New York Times: Checked out The Economist lately?


“Interesting take on the subject, but here is the reality. The New York Times has taken far too many ideological stands and it has completely lost all journalistic credibility. I think your last point (no.4) sums up the demise of this once great publication and the many like it, “Snob Appeal”. When you forget about the majority of Americans while you attend your “invitation only wine and cheese parties” you lose. I don’t read a news publication to feel better about my own twisted view of the world. I expect news publications to give me the full story and not a skewed version. Save the opinions and slant for the OPINION COLUMNS.”?

Should I Stay or Should I Go?


“I completely agree with you! To ad to it, I find that most of the people that actually visiting the booths are not the decision makers. The more “important” or senior people are busy with pre-scheduled meetings in conference rooms and hotel suites and rarely touring the show booths.”


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