Facebook and Holocaust Denial


facebook_small.jpgADOTAS — I don’t know whether I should admire the rising social network’s present decision for its audacity or shake my head at its marketing blunders.

Of all the things to stand by. Facebook apparently decided to take down the pages of some Holocaust denial groups but not others. Critics have skewered Facebook, asking why it allows groups that promote hatred of religious and ethnics groups and the hate speech those groups espouse. At Techcrunch, where Michael Arrington is going a bit crazy, a Facebook spokesman said that “Denying the holocaust is not a violation of our terms.”

Let’s leave aside the First Amendment issues, as I said before I believe in allowing sunlight in and meeting the idiocy straight on. But despite Product Manager Ezra Callahan’ contention that the company doesn’t want to become the “thought police,” Facebook has every right to censor pages. If people don’t like the rules, they can move elsewhere. There is a lot of web out there. If groups want to spew their nonsense, they have and should have the opportunity.

Because let’s be honest, Facebook is not a marketplace of ideas, it’s a marketing platform. It wants friends, family and brands hanging out so it can make money off them. They can’t make money from people who spew hate and will only attract negative publicity.

I actually understood when Facebook deleted breast-feeding photos last year, saying it violated terms of service, though I disagreed. But this is just marketing stupidity at best, hubris at worst.

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  1. As one of the youngest Holocaust survivors in the world today, 66, I commend Facebook.

    I was there, it was real. My parents survived and came here in 1949, Aug, 6th will be 60 years. They fought the Nazis in Poland.

    Again, I personally thank Facebook for their actions.

    Regards, Joe Sabrin

  2. Where should they stop? Darfur? USSR? Native Americans?

    Which deniers get censored and which do not? Does it take 10,000 dead to qualify for no denier status or do you have to be in the millions?

    Is it enough to deny human rights abuses in Tibet to get you banned?

    There is no line you can draw which is why they can’t draw the line.

    Its silly to say this is a marketing nightmare. Its only a marketing nightmare for those silly enough to think free speech is bad.

    Their market are predominantly people that don’t care if someone is allowed to speak stupidly or even violently. They love rap.

    The discussion is silly.


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