Brand Affinity Technologies teams up with Microsoft


sports_small.jpgADOTAS — Brand Affinity Technologies has matched up with another celebrity – Microsoft.

BAT has chosen Microsoft Advertising to be its first preferred online publisher portal. Using BAT’s Platform, advertisers and agencies can easily secure talent and launch national and locally targeted campaigns in a matter of days.  The company matches celebrities with advertisers for display ads at a low cost, with the company having inked deals with over 1,400 players from various sports. The photos and videos can be dropped into banner placements. Advertisers can find what areas of the country the star is hot in through a celebrity-ranking algorithm.

Although I still think it’s gimmicky, according to the company’s data, ad campaigns featuring (video and still) images of athletes tested against the same ads with no endorsement showed:

– A 180 percent increase in unaided brand awareness, highlighting the ability of endorsement ads to fundamentally “register” with consumers;
– A 56 percent improvement in message association, where participants correctly absorbed the attributes of tested products and services;
– A 39 percent improvement in brand favorability, demonstrating how positive associations about an athlete to carry over to brands.
– A 27 percent increase in purchase intent, a measure that speaks to brand and behavior goals.

So it might be gimmicky. But apparently it works.

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