An anti-ad network experiment


manyadnetworks_small.jpgADOTAS — Not that I think it will work, but a company, Contenture, now in private beta testing, is working on a monthly-fee based network model that will allow visitors to turn off ads.

According to the company, users pay into the system and money is distributed to the Contenture-enabled sites that they visit. Site receive money based on visits. Sites know if a user is part of Contenture. There might be other perks that a site gives a user as well. There was no information on how much that fee could be that I could find.

But most people, including web users, won’t change their behavior except for a combination of general reasons, including that they have to, a change is made easier for them or it costs less. Being able to see content without ads, that most people ignore even when they complain about them, might sound good in theory, but not if you have to pay for it. While publishers would love two revenue streams, subscription and advertising, it sounds like another doomed micropayment plan.

Techcrunch notes that similar models, including by TipJoy, have been attempted but notes grouping sites together and offering users a place to pay one-fee for multiple sites is novel.

According to the company, the service will be launched on May 21.

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