Twitter worm wacked


twitter_small.jpgADOTAS — The micro-blogging service has been wacky all the past week, and this weekend it really went haywire.

Mikeyy is a worm that began attacking Saturday, and apparently, has continued until recently. The worm, dubbed “StalkDaily”, seems to have been created as a publicity stunt by Michael “Mikeyy” Mooney, the owner of a Twitter-style site of site. (Be careful if you go to the site, apparently you can pick up a virus visiting the site as well.) The worm spread when users clicked on a link to the site, profiles became infected and sent out similar spam messages to contacts.

According to Twitter: At about 2AM on Saturday, four accounts were created that began spreading a worm on Twitter. From 7:30AM until 11AM PST, our security team worked on eliminating the vectors that could identify this worm. At that time, about 90 accounts were compromised. We identified and secured these accounts.Later in the afternoon, a second wave of the worm hit Twitter and this time it was much more intense.

We got back to work and the situation was contained. About 100 accounts were compromised. Again, we identified and secured the accounts. We also identified and deleted malicious content that could work to further spread the worm.

Users were being told to use third-party apps instead of the web version, as well as to be careful when clicking links. Other steps that should be taken are changing your bio, URL and change / reset your hex color. Techcrunch also recommended changing passwords, and disabling javascript on you browser.

The larger problem, as Google and Microsoft kicks the tires for a possible bid, is that early launch problems, unable to sign on, lost avatars, fail whale, have come back. While it’s still growing, Twitter needs to rein this in because it hurts any commercial possibilities.



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