Social media throws a lifeline to display advertising


marketing_small.jpgADOTAS — The death of display has been much hyped, including by me.

Though obviously it’s a tad tongue and cheek.  Display needs to change to become more effective, and Don Rainey, a partner with Grotech Ventures, a VC firm, says that display has it’s role and place.

“When you hear of it’s death, you’re hearing more about the demise of the unrealistic expectations,” he said, “and less about the fact display advertising will continue.”

Where display has an opportunity to prosper is on social networking sites, Rainey said. He used as an example brands buying spots on television shows, such as The Office. “You know a lot about the Office, NBC standards and about the audience. Everything is controlled.” Internet advertising and display advertising hasn’t had the wrapper of safety for the brand. It’s not the same controlled environment.

“I think display advertising may have another rise again in the social network simply because the context is not unlike what you get on the Office on a Thursday night,” he said. “You’re in a circle of friends, you’re not in the wild, wild west, this is contextually protected by a known envelope.”

Rainey acknowledged though that the creative for display needs to change. Users are more engaged in the social networks. They are engaged in the dialogue. And with brands and advertising, display ads is a first step into it, it is about engaging the consumer in a dialogue. So the state of engagement and the activity is an important part of the equation and social networks have an advantage, he added.


  1. Interesting thought, but I’m not sure I agree. Display within social media has not worked that well on a performance basis. Neither has contextual text for that matter. In fact, since social media tends to be highly engaging, the ads seem to be glossed over. The debate isn’t does advertising work in social media (so far the answer on that is “no so well”) it’s more a question of what will advertising of the future look like in social media – my guess is it will be very different from today’s forms of online promotion.

  2. Display advertising could survive if the publishers would drop their rates. it’s probably going to survive anyway but that would give new life to advertisers


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