Rubicon onDemand automates buying of online ad inventory


mouseclick.jpgADOTAS — The Rubicon Project is now automating the buying of online ad inventory, making it easier for ad networks, publishers’ direct sales teams and audience sales representatives with advertisers’ campaigns.

Rubicon onDemand gives buyers access to over 500 million global users and 40 billion monthly impressions. Orders can be quickly tailored to achieve precise audience targeting across Rubicon Certified Inventory. As audience specifications are selected, the number of impressions of relevant inventory is dynamically displayed, enabling buyers to execute orders in minutes instead of hours.

Buys can be tailored by user demographic and geographic location, as well as by contextual and behavioral segment. Much of this inventory is exclusively available through the Rubicon Project; many of the publishers connected to Rubicon onDemand have not previously made inventory available directly to ad networks or audience sales representatives for campaigns.

Today more than 1,500 premium Web publishers rely on the Rubicon Project for ad revenue optimization; the global reach of these sites totals 500 million uniques, ensuring advertiser’s reach a broader range of sites, content and audience.


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