Online coupon use growing


coupon.jpgADOTAS — Unsurprisingly, Internet couponing is growing, according to a new survey.

In addition to finding that 34 percent of those surveyed were using coupons more frequently today than they were six months ago, according to Burst Media, nearly 70 percent of respondents would print and redeem an Internet coupon for a product they would be interested in purchasing.

“The use of the Internet as a source for coupons has soared,” Chuck Moran, VP of Marketing for Burst Media, said in a statemtent. “The advantage of Internet coupons over their paper counterparts is that advertisers can more finely target their offers – whether through content, geographic or even behavioral targeting. Additionally, the immediacy and ability to measure performance on the Internet allow marketers to run last minute promotions and react to changing market conditions.”

The survey, which was administered to more than 4,500 women 18 years or older, revealed that although the Sunday newspaper is still the primary source of coupons, there was a substantial increase in the use of the Web for coupons – rising to 16 percent today from 3.8 percent in 2002.

Additionally, the survey found that Internet coupons are particularly effective in attracting consumers’ attention. Three-quarters of women 35-54 years indicated they would print and redeem an Internet coupon – this compares to 62.2 percent of women 18-34 years and 67.7 percent of women 55 years and older.

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