MRM Worldwide lays off staff in New York


pinkslips_small.jpgADOTAS — MRM Worldwide has laid off as many as 25 people in its New York office.

According to ClickZ, the move was in response to client budget cuts. The digital ad company fired 10-15 within the past past, and this week laid off another round, possibly up to 10, ClickZ says. The cuts were apparently across the board, creative, account, and project management teams.

It’s unsurprising because the expected drop of in advertising. Companies are keeping a short leash on the budgets, and some industry people say even the predicted decline, while bad, are not bad enough. It will be much worse, they say.

MRM, which is owned by Interpublic Group, has nine offices in the United States alone, and 2,500 employees worldwide.


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