Mpire’s AdXpose helps ad networks, publishers, advertisers


cashmoney.jpgADOTAS — Mpire Corporation has opened campaign testing through AdXpose, ad technology that gives brand marketers and interactive agencies campaign verification anywhere their ads run across the Internet.

The ad optimization technology company says that AdXpose testing shows up to 40 percent of online budgets are wasted because ads are never seen, and nearly 80 percent of interactive ads are sold and resold through third parties, leaving brand marketers with little campaign transparency and return on investment.

“We are helping publishers get credit for the impression that they are delivering that are good, and the advertisers are going to be able to allocate their spend appropriately,” said Matt Hulett, CEO of Mpire. “We are exposing the right site for the right brand message. A lot of brands want to know where their ads are showing. Even if the ads perform well, it may be an inappropriate site for their message. I view this as the solution for advertisers and publishers to get adequate credit for the ad experience that they are delivering.”

According to the company, AdXpose can help marketers achieve:

– Campaign verification anywhere campaigns run online: ad networks, exchanges and/or direct
– Ad optimization and actionable insights through real-time reporting
– Publisher accountability ensures advertisers’ messages are being delivered to the right sites
– More effective ad placements that result in less wasted budget
– Ad creative awareness that shows how consumers are engaging with campaigns

AdXpose also helps publishers and ad networks by supplying compliance information for advertisers around placement and media buying conformance. AdXpose can scales to any campaign size, monitors most ad formats, including display, text, video and Flash-based creative and tracks IAB-standard and non-standard sizes, and uses IAB and MRC compliant reporting metrics.

Below is the AdXpose video, if broken here’s the url.


  1. Congrats Mpire! Clayton Christensen would be proud, a true market disruption evidenced by passing his litmus test:

    1)Does the innovation target customers who in the past haven’t been able to “do it themselves” for lack of money or skills? YES.

    2)Is the innovation aimed at customers who will welcome a simple product? YES.

    3)Will the innovation help customers do more easily and effectively what they are already trying to do? YES

    I can see the line forming already to get in on the private beta. Where do I sign?

  2. Interesting. I’ve been discussing this idea with colleges for some time. The general consensus was that while great for advertisers, the networks and some publishers would fight it tooth and nail as wide scale adoption of this tech would severely cut into their inventory / revenues. Some stats show 75% of ‘targeted’ ad buy impressions are wasted.
    If you consider this approach for a moment it makes more sense to optimize what we are doing instead of obsessing over the elusive silver bullet technology solution to create the perfectly effective ad unit and delivery system. By simply getting ads to where they are meant to be instead of wasting 3/4 of them you can improve performance 3 or 4 fold.
    Yeah, let’s do that. I’m rooting for Mpire.


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