Jumptap launches tapMatch, competing with Google and AdMob


mobilemarketing3.jpgADOTAS — The mobile advertising solutions provider has unveiled a new pay-per-click text and display ad service.

With tapMatch, brand and performance marketers bid on keywords and categories to run ads that appear on mobile web pages, above search results and in applications, like AdWords. It also combines it with the power of advanced search technology for contextual targeting, so advertisers can maximize performance by reaching consumers searching for or browsing content.

The advanced targeting intelligence that powers tapMatch, builds audience profiles from multiple sources including search queries, context, and click through history, to match the most relevant ad messages to each mobile consumer.

Advertisers maximize performance by targeting: keywords, categories, location, demographics, mobile carrier, publisher and mobile handsets including Blackberry and iPhone. Reaching qualified mobile audiences with highly targeted, relevant ads elicits strong consumer engagement, increased click thru rates and higher conversions according to early testers of the tool.

The intuitive interface makes it simple to start an ad campaign, upload text and graphical banner campaigns, configure and manage targeting options, track campaign performance and generate reports. Ads are priced and served by auction and advertisers only pay when consumers click on their messages.

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