Google should pay gazillions for Twitter, but will it?


twitter_small.jpgTwitter is “the answer to a problem that we didn’t have until I invented the answer” – Stephen Colbert.

ADOTAS — Despite founder Biz Stone’s assertions on the Colbert Report, the company most likely would not turn down a huge payout from Google for the real-time microblogging service. Despite recent forays into ad revenue, the site, which has raised $20 million in funding and rebuffed Facebook, has a long way to before it shows profitability. Though Stone says it will happen soon.

Now Michael Arrington says that Google and Twitter are talking about some kind of partnership, working together on a Google real time search engine, or a wholesale whale swallow. It’s a notion that Kara Swisher partially doused, saying that “so for all those Twitterers madly typing 140 characters and caught up in the grand idea of Twoogle, we return you to your regularly scheduled tweeting.”

Twitter’s obvious, and greatest use, is real time search, and it’s new homepage makes it even easier. John Battelle likened it to Google’s purchase of YouTube. He said that YouTube’s biggest asset was as a massive search engine. Google has the cash, (SIA says $1 billion wouldn’t be that outlandish, cheekily calling it couch change) unlike the paper Facebook owned, and could pull it off.


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