has partnered with Anchor Intelligence


fraud_small.jpgADOTAS — Online fraud is growing and more companies are looking for ways to address it.  

Ssearch engine has partnered with Anchor Intelligence to improve traffic quality to its partners and advertisers.

ClearMark, Anchor’s real-time traffic scoring system, classifies traffic according to quality, enabling ad networks and search engines to maximize the value of each click. Anchor Intelligence network security intelligence from across the Web, including a private network of spam traps, honeypots, and stealth servers, to identify machines that have been compromised and used for malicious activity on the Web. joins the ranks of Technorati, LookSmart, Vivaki (Publicis Groupe), and several others in the industry in partnering with Anchor Intelligence to protect advertisers and improve advertising performance.

“Investing in third-party solutions like ClearMark is a necessary next step for search engines and ad networks looking to retain and grow advertising spend during a time when advertisers are demanding better performance,” Ken Miller, CEO of Anchor Intelligence, said in a statement.

The company says that by next calendar quarter they’ll be scoring over a billion clicks a month, according to Techcrunch, so there are clearly some other large partners working with the company that haven’t been announced. They’ve raised $6 million in venture capital to date


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