Email and app-vertisments, present and future in online advertising


hiring.jpgADOTAS — For online advertising, it’s not just what works now, it’s what will work in the future.

There is evidence that users of all ages chose sponsored links in a search result and advertising within a page as the top two ad formats for sparking their interest to click through to the advertisers’ website. But Lightspeed Research and IAB UK conducted research also found that newer forms of online advertising using sound and video, widgets, in-game advertising and free gifts on Facebook are proving to be effective approaches. (Via AdAge)

In particular Facebook gifts and branded applications online are especially effective with 18-24 year old respondents – 29% had seen and sometimes interacted with an ad from either Facebook or branded content across various other social networking sites. This suggests that these forms of advertising have the potential to become more mainstream.

“This research shows what different age groups look for in adverts and what stimulates their interest,” David Day, Lightspeed Research chief executive Europe, said in a statement. “It is clear younger people are interested in more for entertaining adverts and it is important that marketers adapt their messages to appeal to their target audiences.”

Email advertising is particularly effective for those aged over 25, with 34 percent of 25-34 year olds saying they had seen and sometimes clicked on an ad from an email. This suggests there is a valuable role for email, not only for advertisers but for businesses who want to remain in contact with their customers as well as provide them with information about products and services they might be interested in.


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