Ad:tech comes to the City by the Bay


adtechpartyscene_small.jpgADOTAS — What do you think of when you hear San Francisco? Do you think “Joe to Jerry”, or BALCO and Barry? Do you think “Wharf” or “Walsh”? Napa or Sonoma? Fitzy & Debartolo or Nolan & Singletary? Well, it’s April, so you should be thinking this: Moscone & ad:tech.

This is ad:tech’s 13th year in the City by the Bay, and I feel like I’ve been at every one of them. It’s actually only my 7th trip to ad:tech San Francisco, but it’s already shaping up to be a great one. With keynote speakers like Jason Kilar of Hulu, Kevin Rose from Digg, and Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia, I may actually forego that extra hour of sleep to hear what these guys have to say. After all, I’ve actually heard of these sites! For example, I spent a good portion of Tuesday night on Hulu after the bulb in my Samsung TV blew out.

I may actually have the energy to catch the keynotes this time around because a few of my normal partners-in-crime aren’t making this trip. Some may choose not to travel to trade shows during tough economic times, but as Drew Ianni, Chairman of Programming of ad:tech, offers this: “This year’s ad:tech focuses on delivering practical solutions that will continue to drive business and innovation during these uncertain times.”

Well, no better way to forget about these uncertain times than a good party. After looking at my portfolio and drowning my sorrows at the ad:tech Beer Garden with Datran and NetMargin on the 2nd floor of the expo hall, there are a few decisions to make. You ladies out there might want to check out The Suite Party, the Glam Interactive Group’s event sponsored by LeadPile and Swish. This party is taking place in the Spanish Suite of the Clift Hotel. I wonder if the fine people at the Clift will let me in after my 2003 debauchery on the 12th and 16th floors….

If I can’t get into the Clift, I’ll use my best detective skills to try to find the Bloosky party. This event boasts a full open bar, sculpted ice luge, a 360-degree view of the city, and one of the hottest DJs right now, Kaskade, spinnin’ into the night. But you practically have to be a CSI to find the party, with secret message invites and blacklights provided to the invitees. Intriguiging.

While I’m on the redeye back to South Florida, the big bash will be taking place on Tuesday night. Advercircus, a perennial interactive marketing party favorite, is sponsored this time around by… get ready: ClickBooth, Blue Phoenix, Ideal Exposure, ADOTAS, Future Ads, Sunshine Media Group, Seed Corn Advertising, Champion Law, VanKomen Media, LashBack, Market Leverage,, Traffic Venue, Escalate Media, and Digital Moses Confidential. Whew.

Of course, there’s a lot more around San Fran than keynotes, meetings, expo halls, booths, clients, and parties – there’s all that other fun stuff that makes up this city! So I turn it over once again to my favorite local, the lovely and talented… and lovely…

Taryn Stoddard!

“Thanks, Warren fro welcoming me back.…First off, I want to welcome all ad:tech-ers to our fantastic city. Luckily for attendees, the Moscone Center, ad:tech’s host venue, is located in the up-and-coming part of the city, SOMA — or the ‘South Of Market Area’ for the not-so-locals—packed full of some of the hottest restaurants, nightlife and shopping all within walking distance or a short cab ride away.

“I recently read an article on how during economic downturn the staples of our economy rise in popularity, more specifically beef and hard liquor. So if you too have been clamoring for a mouth watering steak it may be more than just a lack of iron or hints from watching reruns of season one of Mad Men… Study this list of 5 steakhouses I highly recommend, where you can relax, open a belt loop, and they don’t rhyme “Truth Diss.”

1. Harris’ – A San Francisco Staple — elegant and refined… filled with hearty banter and world class meals.
2. House of Prime Rib – The name says it all, partake in the prime rib… channel your inner beast and get seconds!
3. El Raigon Argentine Asado – An unassuming Argentine gem! NO client has ever resisted the Bife de Lomo and the extensive list of Malbecs
4. Houston’s – I understand this is a chain; however, the filet is still one of the best in the city, and their eclectic wine list featuring local Napa Valley and Sonoma wineries and the service, still top rate
5. A5 Steak Lounge – Although, they are still in soft-opening phase, the true hipster will enjoy this swanky lounge with their A5 grade cuts and kobe sliders at reasonable prices.

“If you are looking for the perfect watering hole to wet your whistle with a stiff martini, perfectly poured maker’s mark on the rocks or neat, or just a good old-fashioned Old Fashion. Take your Ad:tech badge off and head to:

1. The View Lounge – Located at the very top of the Marriot, it’s quiet enough to have a conversation and relaxes you with one step of the a
2. Top of the Mark – (Hopkins, that is) More outstanding views and
3. Bix – A former speakeasy, Bix is best known for their bootleg-era gin martinis – go for the gimlet and oysters, delicious!
4. Gitane – this one is for the ladies, located near Union Square (shopping!) off claude lane, their sherry cocktails are served by some of the most handsome (and knowledgeable) bartenders in the city
5. St. Regis Bar – Because the W just simply gets too crowded

“So, take my advice from above or go discover your own San Francisco, but whatever you do please be sure to enjoy our “city by the bay,” have a productive ad:tech, stop by Warren’s booth or email me to see if we can get some business going,… thanks for my shameless plug, Warren!”

Thanks again, Taryn. Isn’t she the best? Trust me, she is. (I promised her I’d say that.) Well, I’ve got a plane to catch to San Francisco, so if you want to meet up or have any questions, feel free to hit me up at Or come on down to sunny South Florida in a couple weeks for the 2009 SoFIE Awards – we’d love to have you! Most importantly, have a great time in San Francisco, have a productive and memorable ad:tech, and enjoy the show!



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