Twitter loves Facebook


twitter_small.jpgADOTAS — Some of the winners in Twitter’s February traffic were social networks and entertainment websites.

The microblogging (and search) site sent nearly one in five downstream visits to social Networks, and one in five to entertainment websites, according to Hitwise. The top social nets visited after Twitter were Facebook and MySpace, followed by the Twitter search page and YouTube, traffic analysis reveals. The top Entertainment websites were Twitpic, YouTube and Flickr.

John Battelle likened Twitter to a real time, conversational search engine, one of the reasons he felt Goolge better buy it soon.

Heather Hopkins, Hitwise senior Online Analyst, says that it is being used as a social network and means of distributing content. “Twitter’s clickstream differs markedly from search engines in that relatively little traffic goes to retail websites and Education (i.e. Wikipedia). It is also different from Email in that less traffic goes to Dating websites and again, to retail and Business and Finance websites.”

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