Teen social networks join up


chain.jpgADOTAS — Teenage girls will have more places to roam online.

Teen social network Piczo has joined with teen-girl dress-up site Stardoll to target the young-teen demographic, according to paidcontent. Piczo will remain an independent brand. Along with free, ad-supported Paperdoll Heaven, the three companies are launching the Stardoll Network.

Launched in 2004, photo-centric Piczo claims over 30 million registered members, and 10 million monthly uniques, with most users aged 13 to 16. Stardoll, reaching 27 million accounts, allows users to dress up dolls and has been courting pop stars to create their own alter-egos.

Paperdoll Heaven was the original moniker for Stardoll itself when it started in 2004. While Stardoll includes micropayment options and Piczo has a premium Piczo Plus option, Paperdoll Heaven will be ad-supported. So far, though, it’s only advertising its Stardoll Network partners.


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