Print is not dead – yet.


nytimes.jpgADOTAS — At least that’s what I get from this new survey from The Rosen Group.

Now the firm has media (print) clients, but according to the group, nearly 80 percent of respondents subscribe to magazines and the vast majority, 83 percent, find that daily newspapers are still relevant. When asked if newspapers and magazines will exist in 10 years, nearly half said yes, while 40 percent remained uncertain.

“People are looking online for news and lifestyle information, but they are not abandoning their print editions,” Lori Rosen, founder and president of The Rosen Group, said in a statement. “There is still a certain satisfaction and ease to holding printed text in your hands, and PDAs or PCs will not replace this just yet.”

And bolstering the idea (which I think is overstated) that blogs are losing their authority, nearly 60 percent of those surveyed agree that the information found on blogs is not credible. (I believe most blogs are not credible as well, but I think they have always been. People are just getting online savvy. The ones that show over time that they are credible will keep readers)

Other survey findings:

– 29 percent of respondents say a news website is the most indispensable news source, while 18 percent select print newspapers and 16 percent cite online newspapers.

– 55 percent say they look at a printed newspaper each day, 53 percent subscribe to a print newspaper, and 83 percent say newspapers are still relevant.

– 30 percent say news websites are their top source for updates, and 66 percent say that websites are among their daily news sources.

– 65 percent of respondents find weekly news magazines relevant.

– 29 percent of respondents read blogs multiple times a day, 8 percent read them once a week, 37 percent read them occasionally and 37 percent never read them.

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