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marketing_small.jpgADOTAS — Despite a continued global meltdown, Marketing Mine believes it’s a good time to officially open its doors.

Marketing Mine is an online resource, connecting traditional and emerging marketing services companies with marketers. Marketers submit to an online database their profiles, RFPs, and other information in order to find partners with PR, social media, interactive, and other specialties. Founded by Todd Knutson, president of The List, the new company will offer core services such as RFP generation, agency search, creative and agency reviewing.

“Launching companies in these economic times you think, ‘Oh, boy,'” said Brandon Doty, president. “But what we are finding is, as we talk with agencies and marketers, it is really a good time for us to be doing this. Because it is providing a way for agencies to be found, it’s relatively inexpensive. For marketers, who are trying to find ways to find a new service provider, this is a quick and inexpensive to shorten the (search time).”

The company has launched to agencies to build the databases. Marketers won’t be able to use the site until next week. Service providers include companies that deal with widgets, in-game advertising, in-cloud applications, user-generated promotions, search engine optimization, mobile social networking and other areas.

The new company, according to Doty, is for marketers who want to do something cool, and new, and don’t know who to turn to. In feedback from marketing testers, Marketing Mine found that the marketers used the site to discover new creatives and see who is doing interesting stuff out there. Agencies and service providers have the ability to upload portfolio work, so marketers can go to the site and actually look at examples of work, whether it is a case study, white paper or actually looking at the work itself.

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